Clean Energy Works Seismic Upgrade Pilot Project

With the City of Portland and with help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), we are conducting seismic upgrades on a small group of Portland homes. Our goal is to better understand how we can protect our homes and keep them safe.

The pilot is currently underway. Clean Energy Works will take what we learn and expand our services to homeowners like you as part of our larger commitment to improving the comfort, health, safety and overall value of Oregon homes.

Although the pilot is full, we have two more opportunities to participate:

1. Keep Me Updated

I want to keep my home and my family safe. Keep me updated on the pilot and how I can make seismic upgrades to my home in the future. Go Now

2. I’m Ready Now

I want a seismic upgrade NOW, without additional federal or state subsidies. Connect me with Clean Energy Works by email so I can ask about options.